Recovery from any media, free evaluation.
When facing the problem of data loss, users can try to recover data themselves. It is better to contact specialists who can do similar work regardless of the type of storage media.
Data recovery is a complex process that needs special knowledge of highly-qualified specialists. Only with the help of such specialists who will prevent further damage to the storage media, you can expect a perfect result. Quick recovery will surely save the client's nerves.
Many causes can lead up to a situation when you will have to recover deleted files from computer and media. Lost files recovery is not only a long process but a challenging and not familiar task for an ordinary person. Data recovery service cost depends on the storage media format and the scope of the work required but it is acceptable for users with any income.
Specialists provide the following services:
Storage media recovery can be needed for two causes: logical and physical failures.
Causes of logical failures:
  • accidentally deleted files;
  • disc formatting procedure;
  • reinstalling the system in the place of important files;
  • inability to open files with an emerging message that offers formatting;
  • the data have been deleted for unknown reasons;
  • a virus attack caused data encryption or data hiding;
  • violation of the system operation;
We can eliminate all logical failures by working with the software, without affecting the physical state of the equipment.
File and Data Recovery due to the physical failures can be necessary in the following cases:
  • the device does not recognize the storage media;
  • presence of bad sectors;
  • the controller board has damages;
  • various damages of the storage media, when the failures occur due to the mechanics or electricity;
This type of failures leads to the fault of storage media. Recovery process requires physical operation and replacement of components.
It is worth noting that, if you need data recovery service, it is better to contact the specialists who will safely recover your files.